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About --

Now in Europe, currently Holland, Lowell Bennett provides content, images and communications consulting services to clients in publishing and a wide range of other industries around the world.

Bennett's focus is currently on editorial, photography and agency services as practiced in Holland and greater Europe.

The Europe move occurred July of 2014. Prior to that Bennett was based in China and Southeast Asia. Image galleries can be viewed as video-slideshows at LBAV. More galleries are indexed here.

Beijing / China --

Lowell Bennett's most recently published China book project was released in January of 2014. Including narrative text, the author's personal perspective and more than 200 images on the modern and increasingly cosmopolitan capital of China, it is:

An Ancient Capital's Renaissance in the Age of Globalization

Both books may be viewed online as a flipbook or as a PDF by request.

Guiyang / China --

Another in the Cities of China book series, the text and approximately 220 images covering regional ecological protection efforts, culture, industry and the land and people of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, is now in publication. It is entitled:

The Philosopher City
Intelligent Design and Progressive Growth Mold a Metropolis

Here you can Google reportage and purchase in China[Google: 在中国的宣传和购买]

Publishing in mid-October of 2014 — AirAsia’s inflight magazine, Travel3Sixty, photo coverage on the village and jungle environs of Bukit Lawang, Sumatra.

Photography --

Galleries can be viewed as video-slideshows at LBAV. More galleries are indexed here.

Website Development / SEO --

The native English writer and photographer now in Holland is not primarily a website developer. The few linked client websites include photo galleries, online forms and varying portfolio functions, but the sites omit flashier elements. The visible content, copy and HTML code within Bennett's websites were written in large part for search engine optimization (SEO), and the sites rank fairly high in relevant keyword searches and do business, but they do not visually dazzle. And that's by design. See sample websites.

Writing / Journalism --

Although the writer, currently in Europe, does not consider himself to be a journalist or reporter, he is currently trying to figure out what to do with China Correspondent.com. Press writings, including magazine articles, industry reports, societal commentary and editorials, as well as more mercenary content generated on a freelance and contract basis, are among the China articles and in the older press release archives.

Links to ad copy, scripts, a prospectus, a feasibility study, sales letters, marketing letters, brochures, press releases, damage control, proposals, strategic writings, translations, screenplays and varied other PR, marketing and freelance media content can be accessed here.

For the writer's Holland and Europe fee and payment policies, please see the Rates & Estimate page.

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